Camp Morice Society

And God saw that it was good

Camp Morice serves the Prince George diocese with solid Catholic teaching and good old fashioned fun. We are nestled in Sandy Beach bay near the community of Fort St. James, and provide a place for your children to deepen their Catholic faith.  Additionally, we provide a venue for your events with 6 well sized cabins, showering facilities, a large kitchen and centralized dining hall. All of this, in a tranquil setting and a beautiful beach.

Camp Morice Society Membership


Camp Morice Society Membership


Memberships will require a yearly renewal

You will have the privileges of a member:
1.    Eligible for Board Positions
2.    Voting Privileges
3.    Invitation to all Society Events
4.    Invitation to attend all General Meetings
5.    MOST IMPORTANTLY, your registration as a member benefits the CAMP MORICE SOCIETY in their efforts when applying for GAMING FUNDING.


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